24 Feb

Edinburgh B-Team

Welcome traveller.

This is the Edinburgh B-Team. A group set up to represent the movies people don’t want to see. The bargain bins, the straight to dvd, the out of print. We group together all the wonderful gems found in the dirt, and we bring them to you.

Our aims are as follows: To discover if there is a following in Edinburgh for B movies, everything from 50’s Monster movies to 90’s creature features, via blaxploitation and grindhouse horror. My dream is that one day there might be a cinema in Edinburgh to see these wonderful, wonderful movies. And to live this dream I need you and the support you bring.

I also open this group as a mecca for those wishing to openly express their love for B-Movies, of all shapes and sizes, and discuss them at length.

Join us, and show your colours, if you can dig it. Can you dig it?


25 Feb


The alt Karaoke that kick ass and askes you to wright down you name.

Come along every Tuesday 

All songs welcome, show us what you got from 10pm till 3am

with host Dickie!


19 Feb


Wednesday night open mic with full backline, all you need is your guitar and sticks

just turn up and play


We offer drop in times from doors at 9pm till will close, first come first serve.

house bass, electric guitar, electro acoustic and full drums !!!!!!!!

more info at Take the Stage on facebook


26 Feb

Edinburgh Zombie Club

Monthly cult movie club screening the best in obscure Sci Fi, Asian cinema, Kung Fu, Horror, Eurocrime & more…Free entry…Last wednesday of the month
The Edinburgh Zombie Club is a free monthly film club that takes place on the last Wednesday of every month at Banshee Labyrinth, with two screenings from 7pm onwards.

It’s called the Zombie Club but we’ll be screening anything that falls into that early 80’s corner video shop exploitation genre…could be the Italian gore/sci-fi of Luigi Cozzi’s ‘Contamination’ or the apocalypse now rip off ‘The Last Hunter’ starring David Warbeck or some straight Italian Zombie stuff from Lucio Fulci…also, some mainstream, albeit, cool stuff. There’s usually a theme or concept each month.

Previous films that have been shown include Fulci’s “Zombie Flesh Eaters” and “The Beyond”, the Carpenter double bill of “They Live” and “The Thing”, “Death Line” (aka. Raw Meat), “Tombs of The Blind Dead”, “Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue”, “Basket Case”, “Coffy”, “Ms.45”, “Zombie Holocaust (aka. Dr Butcher M.D.)”, “Burial Ground”, “City Of The Living Dead”, “Cannibal Apocalypse”, “The Switchblade Sisters”, “Prince Of Darkness”, “Night Of The Bloody Apes” and “Curse Of The Doll People” amongst others.


6 Mar

Bangers at the banshee!

With over 25 years experience djing in clubs,

David Magowan brings a varied selection of genres, from pumping house and techno to drum n bass bangers and right up to the driving sounds of psy trance. Eclectic and accessible underground music.

Past apearances include Glastonbury 2016 & 17, World cup 2010 in South Africa, Room One at Stealth Nottingham. Former record shop and club owner, with an unhealthy music obsession

13 Mar

Hellraiser Metal Night

Monthly Metal night featuring three Metal bands and two DJs playing Metal.
Based in Banshee Labyrinth in Edinburgh on the 2nd Friday of every month.
Runs from 7.30pm till closing (3am).

Support the scene and come along!

more info on Hellrase Facebook page for future line ups



7 Mar

In Too Deep: Pop Punk Saturdays

‘an electric mix of pop punk, stadium rock, and contemporary pop classics’

14 Mar

Project Yaldi

Classic bangers ranging from Rock, Hip Hop, Funk, Indie and more.


23 Feb

Banshee Karaoke Sunday

The alt Karaoke that kick ass and askes you to write down your name. 

All songs welcome, show us what you got from 10pm till 3am

with host Dickie!