Disabled Access and Facilities Statement

Updated November 2019

The Banshee Labyrinth is an entertainment venue and nightclub situated at 29/35 Niddry Street in Edinburgh City centre.

Niddry Street is a one way downward sloping street with accessible paid parking spaces. The street itself can get slippy during winter months. On street parking is available but please be aware these are city centre parking spaces and can be quite busy.

The venue itself is part of Edinburgh’s old vaults and is spread over 3 floors. It consists of 7 customer accessible rooms and 3 toilet rooms.

Wheelchair access is only available to 3 of these rooms: the Mary Queen Scots Lounge, The Cave Bar and The Pool room. All other areas, including the toilets are only accessible through a series of steps ranging between 5-10 steps. Wheelchair access is available through our Mary Queen Scots lounge entrance which has 1 low step to access, a portable ramp is available on request.

The whole venue itself has lower lightning, all steps have hazard tape on each step and hand rails. Some areas have quite low ceilings.

The Banshee is a dog friendly venue and water bowls and dog biscuits are available.

Table service is available on request.

Subtitles are available on request in our cinema, as long as they are available on the DVD/ Blu-ray.

Our 3 toilet areas are gender neutral, although the middle toilet is reserved as private use accessible.

Staff and security are on hand to help with any issues where possible.

The venue itself has structural limitations, but we are continually working to improve accessibility were possible.